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The application of LiSOCL2 Battery in intelligent logistics transportation

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Company News
The application of LiSOCL2 Battery in intelligent logistics transportation
Latest company news about The application of LiSOCL2 Battery in intelligent logistics transportation

The application of LiSOCL2 Battery in intelligent logistics transportation

  NB-IoT in intelligent transportation is mostly used in the transportation management of intelligent containers and high-value goods, involving more types of primary lithium Battery, such as Ser Battery ER14505M, ER18505M, ER34615M, eR34615H or lithium manganese battery.


  Intelligent container: usually in the ordinary container equipped with sensors and communications equipment to achieve intelligent management purposes. Devices typically use multiple active RFID products. Active electronic tag with internal battery, high reliability, long signal transmission distance. Combined with GPS technology, it can transmit the information of time, place and surrounding environment to the machine of cargo owner or manager when the status of container changes, implement real-time tracking of containers.


  These tags or trackers can be affixed to containers transporting goods, and these tags can at any time transmit some key information of the container such as location, security conditions, lighting, temperature and humidity changes to the reader network, the reader network collects, filters and obtains RFID information. And the effective information is transmitted to the TSS (Transportation Security System) through the NBIoT module. Through TSS system, consignor can realize the tracking of goods, know the timely position of goods, state and safety condition.


  Positioning and channel management of NB-IoT high value goods: It can play an excellent management effect on whether dealers are hoarding goods, whether goods are lost in the logistics process, how efficient the circulation is, how the consumption trend of goods, etc. Based on the operator's NB-IoT network and the open platform of the Internet of Things, the status of goods in the warehouse, in transit and unpacking can be recognized and reported in time. The logistics track is transparent and visible, and the operation process can be traced. Compared with intelligent equipment for intelligent container boxes, intelligent equipment for high-value cargo transport vehicles has higher power consumption because NB module is directly integrated into it.


  In this case, lithium primary battery scheme with larger pulse performance and capacity of SER brand can be selected. Such as ER26500+SPC1520,ER26500+HPC1530,ER34615+UPC1550



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