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The solutions of lithium thionyl chloride battery Passivation

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The solutions of lithium thionyl chloride battery Passivation
Latest company news about The solutions of lithium thionyl chloride battery Passivation

Lithium thionyl chloride battery as a modern intelligent instrument (mainly refers to intelligent water, electricity, gas, heat meter) main power supply. Li SOCL2 battery has unique advantages over other chemical power sources (high and stable operating voltage; wide temperature range; high energy density; long shelf life; no pollution) , but lithium-thionyl chloride batteries have the disadvantage of voltage passivation.


The voltage lag is caused by the formation of a dense film of lithium chloride on the surface of the positive electrode of lithium metal after contact with the thionyl dichloride. The film somewhat slows down the continued rapid chemical reaction between lithium and thionyl dichloride because of the tiny impurities produced during the battery's discharge and the residue of individual sulfur deposits on the surface of the carbon pores, it is concluded that the longer the storage time and the higher the storage temperature, the thicker the film is, then after the storage of the battery re-use of large current must be in the elimination of this film, in order to normal output larger current, to ensure a higher working voltage. In the process of breaking the passivation film resistance value is larger, connected to the electrical appliances or resistance after a lower voltage transient decline. The voltage rises gradually after a few seconds. This is a good phenomenon. Don't worry if the battery is dead or not. This is a characteristic of Lisocl2 batteries.


In the electrochemical field, it is called“Voltage lag or LiSOCL2 passivation”. The degree of battery passivation is closely related to the storage time, temperature, current, water content and electro-hydraulic purity of the battery. The longer the battery storage time, the higher the storage temperature, the greater the current, the later the battery, the lower the load voltage. LiSOCL2 Battery passivation is fundamentally solvable. Adding some high activity additives in the battery, the battery passivation film is no, the battery is in a high activity state for a long time. The self-discharge of the battery becomes larger. Battery life and storage life is reduced.


In short, the passivation film of the battery has two sides, as long as the user and manufacturers to exchange more discussion, is not an insurmountable problem. There are two ways to reduce the passivation of LiSOCL2 batteries:

(1) regular electrical discharge method; LiSOCL2 batteries also have: “Activated lithium battery” called.

(2) resistance activation method, the corresponding resistance discharge corresponding to the maximum current value of the electrical appliance is used before use.

(3) when a capacitor battery or a Faraday capacitor is connected in parallel with the battery, there is no voltage lag when discharging through the capacitor battery or the Faraday capacitor, and the high current can be output at any time.


SER TEAM has developed a LiSOCL2 batteries plus supercapacitor that not only maintains the low self-discharge rate, high voltage, high energy density, and wide temperature range of LiSOCL2 battery, but also solves the problem of LiSOCL2 passivation, high current discharge is possible at any time. As a water meter battery, Intelligent gas meter battery, smart meter battery and Internet of Things Battery, the advantages are more obvious.

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