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CP502425 CP502525 Lithium Manganese Soft Pack Battery 3.0V Li-MnO2 Soft Pouch Cell For RFID IoT LoRa Alar

CP502425 CP502525 Lithium Manganese Soft Pack Battery 3.0V Li-MnO2 Soft Pouch Cell For RFID IoT LoRa Alar

CP502425 CP502525 Lithium Manganese Soft Pack Battery 3.0V Li-MnO2 Soft Pouch Cell For RFID IoT LoRa Alar
CP502425 CP502525 Lithium Manganese Soft Pack Battery 3.0V Li-MnO2 Soft Pouch Cell For RFID IoT LoRa Alar
CP502425 CP502525 Lithium Manganese Soft Pack Battery 3.0V Li-MnO2 Soft Pouch Cell For RFID IoT LoRa Alar
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: SER or OBM
Certification: CE, MSDS,UN38.3
Model Number: CP502425
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 3000PCS
Price: 1-12USD/PC
Packaging Details: Standard
Delivery Time: 10-15days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 50000PC/Day
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Detailed Product Description
Model Name: CP502425 Voltage: 3.0V
Type: Li-MnO2 Battery Pouch Cell Capacity: 350mAh
Work Temperature: -40℃~+70℃ Color: Silver
Applications: RFID Reader,Personnel Positioning Card,GPS Tracker,Portable Listening Device,RFID Tag,LoRaWAN Devices, IoT,Animal Identification,Smart Card OEM/ODM:: Acceptance
High Light:

Lithium Manganese Soft Pack Battery


CP502425 Soft Pack Battery

CP502425 CP502525 Lithium manganese soft pack battery 3.0V Li-MnO2 Soft Battery Pouch Cell for RFID IoT LoRa Alar


Specification of CP502425 Lithium manganese soft pack battery:


Specification Parameters CP502425 Lithium manganese soft pack battery
Nominal Voltage 3.0V
Capacity 350mAh @ 0.2C to 2.0 V @ 23° C
Dimension 5*24*25mm
Electrical Constant Discharge Current 50mA
Max Discharge Current 300 mA
Physical Terminals/ Connector Nickel Tabs, wire, plug or OEM
Others Working Temperature -20 ~ +70℃
Storage Temperature 0~25℃
Applications RFID reader,Personnel positioning card,GPS tracker,Portable listening device,RFID Tag,LoRaWAN devices, IoT,Animal identification,Smart Card
Tags CP502425,CP502425 battery,CP502525, Lithium manganese soft pack battery,Li-MnO2 Soft Battery,Pouch Cell,3.0V Li-MnO2 Soft Battery,soft pack battery 3.0V



Features of CP502425 Lithium manganese soft pack battery:

Product Key Features CP752425 Battery.jpg

1. High Energy Density up to 450Wh/kg.

2. Wide Operating Temperature Range


3. Great safety.

Do not explode, do not catch fire.

4. Long Shelf Life, Low self-discharge rate

Can be stored at room temperature for more than 5-8 years

5. Flexible Design, Support customized battery.

6. Light weight.

Suitable for all kinds of wearables and internet of things products


7. Li-MnO2 Soft Batteries stable discharge voltage, up to 3.0V

8. No voltage delay,NO passivation.


CP502425 smart card battery electronic tag battery, standard size 5.0 × 25 × 25mm, weight 7.5g, rated voltage 3.0V, product capacity 350mAh, standard discharge 50mA, Max discharge current 300mA, instantaneous pulse 500 mA. 3.0 v-cp lithium-manganese Battery, lithium-manganese Battery: as a new technology, it has the advantages of high energy density, safety and low self-discharge rate.





We have a professional R&D team, we are experienced to customize battery packs according to clients' demands and make most suitable battery solution for them.

We have got our mindset stablished to be the best energy solution provider.

Thin Li-MnO2 Battery Model List




Model Size Nominal Capacity Max Continuous Discharge Current Max Pulse Discharge Current
CP042529 22mAh 2mA 4mA
CP042722 15 mAh 1mA 2mA
CP042922 15mAh 1mA 2mA
CP044040 50mAh 5mA 10mA
CP044560 100mAh 10mA 20mA
CP052039 25 mAh 2 mA 4 mA
CP052722 22mAh 1mA 2mA
CP053050 80mAh 15mA 30mA
CP054248 100mAh 20mA 40mA
CP064348 200mAh 20mA 50mA
CP082922 50 mAh 20mA 80mA
CP084248 320mAh 20mA 50mA
CP102015 30mAh 2mA 5mA
CP104248 420mAh 100mA 200mA
CP105050 420mAh 100mA 200mA
CP105075 450mAh 200mA 300mA
CP105256 500mAh 30mA 50mA
CP124444 420 mAh 75 mA 150mA
CP142828 160mAh 25mA 50mA
CP142828H 140mAh 50mA 100mA
CP153030 170mAh 40mA 80mA
CP153030H 140mAh 50mA 100mA
CP154580 1000mAh 150mA 300mA
CP151015 18mAh 0.5mA 1mA
CP161230H 45mAh 16mA 30mA
CP164548 700mAh 50mA 100mA
CP181234 125mAh 25mA 50mA
CP183123 150mAh 45mA 75mA
CP202540 350mAh 75mA 150mA
CP203030 230mAh 50mA 100mA
CP203034 270 mAh 50 mA 100mA
CP203040 210mAh/380MAH 100mA 200mA
CP204517 210mAh 20mA 50mA
CP204547 750mAh 50mA 100mA
CP222920 150mAh 45mA 75mA
CP224248 850mAh 100mA 200mA
CP225050 1000mAh 200mA 400mA
CP225080 1700mAh 200mA 400mA
CP242030 230mAh 50mA 100mA
CP255050 1200mAh 150mA 300mA
CP251525 150mAh 40mA 80mA
CP251626 150mAh 60mA 150mA
CP252525 250mAh 30mA 60mA
CP255047 1250mAh 150mA 300mA
CP255080 2050mAh 300mA 600mA
CP302525 350mAh 75 mA 150 mA
CP304580 2500mAh 200mA 500mA
CP321626 250mAh 50mA 100mA
CP334728 700mAh 100mA 200mA
CP352440 750mAh 100mA 300mA
CP355050 2000mAh 500mA 1000mA
CP402020 275mAh 50mA 100mA
CP453450 1700mAh 300mA 600mA
CP501525 350mAh 80mA 150mA
CP502440 1200mAh 150mA 300mA
CP503436 1550mAh 200mA 500mA
CP503742 1700mAh 300mA 600mA
CP505050 3000mAh 500mA 1500mA
CP543537 1500mAh 200mA 400mA
CP603450 2400mAh 500mA 1000mA
CP603956 3300mAh 800mA 1500mA
CP702242 1500mAh 200mA 1200mA
CP703028 1000mAh 200mA 400mA
CP703448 2000mAh 1000mA 1500mA
CP806468 8000mAh 2000mA 4000mA
CP7839109 9000mAh 2000mA 3000mA
CP9V 1200mAh 150mA 300mA



1. Packing in a tray +inner box+carton box.

2. Single battery packing in PE bag+ inner box+ carton box.

3. Customized package etc.


Shipping method:

1. For samples, usually by express or by air.

2. For orders, by truck, by air ,by express or by sea depends on customer requirement.



Battery Production:



What we offer:

1. Strictly quality control

2. First rate service

3. Professional technical advisory

4. Complete production base

5. Continuous supply guarantee





applications (2).jpg

Widely used for :





Aactive RFID tag cards: Smart Parking, container identification, vehicle fee verification, mine personnel identification

Smart devices: medical devices, smoke alarms

Electronic products: electronic dictionary, Electronic Watches, electronic scales, calculator

Other: electric tools and toys, micro-instrumentation, medical devices, small appliances, etc.




We can make Li-MnO2 soft battery as thin as 0.4-0.6mm, which is perfect for smart card, security card, RFID ,ETC applications.


NO MOQ with fast lead time.


Welcome for any customized.


All we do what we want to help you to start your good idea.


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Have not find a suitable battery for your prototype?
Li-SOCL2 Batteries  Catalogue(图4) Let's talk about what SER experience can do for you!



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